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Plastic Injection Molded

Dodge Viper Headlight Lenses

Gen 1 and 2 (92-02)

Dodge Viper Gen 1/2 Reproduction Headlight Lenses

Quality Built - Passion Driven

Production quality is at 99% right now July 2024. I am pushing for the extra 1% to meet my high expectations.
Release date has been slightly pushed back for quality control. 

I will have hundreds of pairs in stock and ready to ship once I have my full shipment.
No wait list, no back orders, so you don't have to worry about a shortage of lenses.
Lenses will be in stock and ready to ship the same day.

I have one of the top aftermarket vendors in America (RetroShop LLC) doing my headlight lenses installations for you.
They can upgrade your lighting components, paint, and repair your housings, ALL in-house.
We are driven by quality and passion! It's our TOP priority to deliver a high-end quality product and service!

Free shipping on ALL shipments to the lower 48 states. Just because the shipping is free, does not mean I am going cheap with the packaging! All orders will be shipped in an oversized 275 lb double wall corrugated box. Each lens will be individually wrapped in bubble wrap surrounded by air cushions. One box can safely package two pairs of lenses in one shipment. Just because they fit tight in a small box, does not mean it will arrive safely. Oversized for projection.

I have been a passionate Gen 2 Dodge Viper ACR owner since 2010, and I have been selling to the Viper community for the past several years. I have dozens of repeat satisfied customers, and I have made life-long friendships in the process.

Quality is my TOP priority for longevity, durability, and appearance. I understand the importance of quality parts and customer service and I'm looking to fulfill a need for the Viper community.
I know that once parts are obsolete, OUR cars could fade away...


Thank you to all of those that have shown their support and trusted the OEM manufacturing process!

Plastic Injection Metal Mold
OEM Manufacturing Method

Polycarbonate Durability Test
20 Pound Dumbbell Drop

Facebook Group
Free Pair of
Headlight Lenses Giveaway

More information coming soon.

Plastic Injection Molded

Dodge Viper Headlight Lenses

Gen 1 and 2 (92-02)

Reproduction headlight lens replacements from VIP Lenses are not DOT compliant and are intended for show and off-road use only.
These clear lenses do not have any stampings or coding and may not pass inspection in all locations or countries. 
Most aftermarket headlights do not have certified parts, it doesn't make them unsafe, it just means that have not been certified.

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